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Sherrilyn Kenyon Visits the UK – the details!

There were squeals of excitement in the Little, Brown office, and across Europe, when Sherrilyn Kenyon announced that she would be coming to the UK for the first time in six years. The Piatkus team were inundated with emails from fans wanting to know where they could meet their favourite author and get their copies of Styxx signed. So, after some very quick London sightseeing, we put Sherrilyn to work!

Our first stop was Nottingham, on Tuesday 10th September, where Sherri gave more than 100 lucky fans at Waterstones the chance to ask her questions about her past and future novels. Bursting into applause when she revealed that there will be Dark-Hunter films coming soon, the audience were quick to ask which actors the lead roles would go to. Sadly, Sherri had to remain tight-lipped and so we’ll have to wait a little while longer to find out who’s up to the challenge of being Acheron.

The next day, we managed to sneak in a quick visit to Nottingham Castle, where we went on the spooky cave tour and ate some fish and chips, before jumping back on the train and heading to Birmingham. Fans had queued around the block in Birmingham city centre for Sherri’s event at Waterstones on the High Street. Despite the fact that it was raining (hard!), many had waited for hours to get their books signed and to have their photos taken. After drying off, some even showed us their incredible Dark-Hunter tattoos!

With no rest for the wicked, we headed back to London the next day. Sherri came into Little, Brown HQ to meet the staff (we played it cool, we promise) and book bloggers at the annual Piatkus party. Then, finally, after one last night in London, Sherri finished her whirlwind tour with a signing at Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Here, excited fans had travelled from all over Europe (including Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy AND Sweden!). In the true spirit of Friday 13th, some fans had even dressed in Dark-Hunter costumes. We probably shouldn’t mention the ones who had skipped school, or the fan that was missing her dad’s birthday… ooops!

It was a hectic four days, but Sherrilyn was delighted to meet so many of her amazing fans and was really touched by the effort everyone went to – especially as it rained for most of her visit! She’s hoping to visit the UK again in the future, so who knows where we’ll end up next time…



Sherrilyn Kenyon UK Tour 2013

September is an exciting month as brand new Dark Hunter hardback Styxx hits the shops.

Now it’s got a whole lot more exciting because SHERRILYN KENYON IS COMING TO THE UK!

The Sherrilyn Kenyon UK Tour 2013 starts on Tuesday 10th September and will include THREE exclusive signings.

More details of the Sherrilyn Kenyon UK signings are below and make sure to ‘like’ Sherrilyn’s UK Facebook page and search #kenyonuk2013 on Twitter for the latest news and updates.


Tuesday 10th September
Ticketed event at Waterstones Nottingham. Seated talk followed by signing (max capacity 150). Time: 7pm
1-5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2GR
Tel: 0843 290 8525

Wednesday 11th September
Signing at Waterstones Birmingham High St.
Time: 6pm
26 High Street, Birmingham, B4 7SL
Tel: 0843 290 8149

Friday 13th September
Signing at Forbidden Planet, London.
Time: 18:00-19:00
179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR
Tel: 020 7420 3666


Ask Dianna: Belador Code Webchat with NYT Bestseller Dianna Love

Last Friday, Piatkus, the UK publisher of Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Belador Code series, hosted a live web chat with New York Times bestseller and co-author of the Belador Code series, Dianna Love. For one hour fans were granted a fantastic chance to submit their questions on the Belador Code to Dianna – many great questions were asked and lots of fun was had by all.

For those who missed it we have collected the best bits from the web chat below. Enjoy!

Fan: The worlds and mythology you and Sherrilyn Kenyon create are astonishing! Where does inspiration for Beladors mythology come from?

DL: Celtic mythology and the idea of warrior descendants living today . . . and creating a mix blood female with a lot of troubles who likes to kick demon butt!

Fan: Do you have a planned number of books for the series?

DL: Not a set number of books, but there are at least 4 major series arcs — first one is soon. Lot happening in CURSE.

Fan: Don’t want Evalle’s story to ever end but want her to find HEA! Thank you!

DL: LOL — we feel the same way! And she has a lot of story yet to go with big surprises coming in Curse & next book

Fan: How did you come up with lugnuts as a snack for Feenix?

DL: He is TOO cute and I kept thinking ‘what would be fun that would cause trouble?’

Fan: Do you and Sherrilyn Kenyon ever disagree on an idea and if so, how do you decide who wins?

DL: LOL — We respect each other’s opinion so no fights, but lots of [snarky comments] in the pages.

Fan: I basically love ALL the characters in this series! Is there any of them you particularly feel close to?

DL: I truly LOVE Feenix because he’s so sweet, but Evalle is special to me because of what she’s survived and faces each day.

Fan: What’s the best part of writing in collaboration?

DL: Brainstorming together, sharing moments when some character or plot element surprises us, laughing (we snark a lot) . . . Being able to spin a story in unexpected directions is what drew me into writing. Love puzzles & lots of action.

Fan: If you could have a magical power like the Beladors we wondered what it would be?

DL: Oh, it would so be to teleport. I hate traffic and would take a helicopter over diamonds any day . . .

DL: A question from me – who do you think Evalle should end up with? And why?

Fan: Storm! But I have to say the way you ladies write it makes me dream about anyone so, I’m flexible on my decision. LOL

PB: Ohh — that is a tough one. We don’t want to play favourites but Jaguar shapeshifters are pretty hot! (i.e. Storm!)

PB: Time is up guys! A massive thank you to @diannalove for her time and speedy question answering!
DL: Thank you for inviting me! I enjoyed chatting.#Beladors

To celebrate publication of The Curse, we also have some fantastic prizes (all donated by the lovely Dianna Love) to give away. Enter now!

The Curse is available to buy in paperback and as an eBook from all good book retailers now. For more about New York Times bestseller Dianna Love, visit her website and Twitter feed.