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Born of Legend

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349412023

Price: £9.99

ON SALE: 7th February 2017

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

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‘A publishing phenomenon… [Sherrilyn Kenyon] is the reigning queen of the wildly successful paranormal scene.’ Publishers Weekly

‘Kenyon builds a story that is wall-to-wall action, yet touched with poignancy.’ Romantic Times

The next League novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon . . .

‘It’s official Take a Psycho to Work Day. Why else would I be here?’

Hunted. Hated. Betrayed. Dagger Ixur is on the run for his life. As one of the most recognisable members of his royal house, he has a bounty on his head that guarantees him no quarter from any friend or even family. But surrender isn’t in him. He will fight to the bitter end. A resolve that is sorely tested when he narrowly escapes a trap that leaves him severely wounded. With what he believes is his dying breath, he saves a boy born to an extinct race from a group out to enslave the kid for his legendary abilities.

Ushara Altaan has spent her entire life hating those born to nobility. After all, it was a royal house that drove her entire species into virtual extinction. As a rare Andarion Fyreblood, she is sworn to end the existence of any royal she finds. But when Dagger saves her son’s life, she is torn between her people and a debt that can never be repaid.

Yet worse than Dagger’s family that’s still out to end hers, are the League assassins after him who will stop at nothing to claim the lives of her Tavali family. The only hope she has to save them all is to put their future and her faith into the hands of the very enemy whose grandmother personally extinguished Ushara’s legendary lineage. But how can she ever trust Dagger when he is a disinherited outlaw whose very name is synonymous with betrayal?


Kenyon is a master of this genre.
The action and drama in this one will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and chewing your fingernails.
Sherrilyn Kenyon's world of Dark-Hunters, Katagraria Slayers, Olympian Gods, Oneroi, Apollites, demons and Daimons is a fascinating one. Her Dark-Hunter series sweeps readers away into a dangerous and sensual world.
Whether writing as Sherrilyn Kenyon or Kinley MacGregor, this author delivers great romantic fantasy!
New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell
This series puts a contemporary spin on classical mythology that an increasing number of fans have found irresistible.
Publishers Weekly
Kenyon gives readers scrumptious heroes - still with a dark edge and dangerous powers... she creates a world full of depth and intelligent details... and gives her stories an underpinning and a foundation in authenticity without sacrificing the breathless pace of her plots - no small feat!
Romantic Times
Skilfully written and entertaining... rich with complex characters, snappy dialogue, and sweet moments.
Tulsa World
Kenyon's writing is brisk, ironic and relentlessly imaginative. These are not your mother's vampire novels.
Boston Globe
Sherrilyn Kenyon is the reigning queen of the vampire novel... long live the Queen!
Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly
Suck you into Kenyon's world and keep you there from the first page until the last.
Midwest Book Review
Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Sex and the City.
Mallory Kane
Whether you've read this series before or not, if you love a good sci-fi romance then you won't want to miss this book.
With her steamy action-packed Dark-Hunter novels, Kenyon is ushering in a whole different class of night dwellers... will fill the void left by Buffy.
Publishers Weekly
Kenyon delivers the goods readers have come to expect, and more.
Sensual, fast-paced.
A delicious balance of suspense and sensuality.
Publishers Weekly
[Kenyon] succeeds in offering a lively read containing her signature blend of brisk action, sensual thrills and light humour.
Publishers Weekly
Sherrilyn Kenyon waves a wonderful story in Born of Legend.
Fresh Fiction
Kenyon's Dark-Hunter books are changing the face of the vampire novel, making it hip, darker, and all the more appealing.
Publishers Weekly